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Our company is located in Los Angeles California. We are specialized in providing technology infrastrcture for small and medium size companies who prefer to have IT for Hire.

Company Mission Statement


NetekGrafx offers an executive and professional level of IT service to our clients. We separate ourselves from the typical "geek squad" type of outsourced tech support, by providing what we like to call a true "white gloved approach" to IT support. We offer your organization a fully staffed department of IT Project Managers, Systems Engineers, Systems Integrators and Help Desk Technicians for any and all your technical support needs. The best part is that our IT services are not only designed to fit the business needs of our clients, our solutions are also designed to fit their budgets.

NetekGrafx has built a proven business model designed to support clients who want the stability and reliability of an experienced IT staff, but do not want the overhead and expense that comes with one. With our dedication to service and efficiency, NetekGrafx has established a level of excellence in the network and systems integration industry. NetekGrafx is a well recognized IT Service provider that specializes in offering technical support, IT consulting, and server / application hosting and development services for business of all sizes.

If reliability, responsiveness and technical ability is important to your business, let NetekGrafx be your IT Department.

Let Us Be Your IT Department

Aside from merely implementing technical solutions, we have separated ourselves from the competition with the ability to design a support structure where the customer service levels and interpersonal approach of our engineers are considered as important as the technical advice they provide. No matter a small business looking to stretch an IT budget, or a larger organization looking to significantly expand operations, NetekGrafx has a proven balance of prudent IT planning and efficient technical consulting that can accomplish the goals set forth by our clients.

We have designed and built our business model around the single notion that "We Are Your IT Department". In doing so we operate as your fully transparent IT department within your organization. From IT project management, web development to phone or onsite helpdesk tasks, NetekGrafx is fully prepared to be Your IT Department!

NetekGrafx has built a framework and process to support our clients that want the stability and reliability of an enterprise level IT staff, but do not want the overhead and expense that comes with one. We have gained an outstanding reputation in the industry as one of the leaders in network integration, customer service and responsiveness. Our premier client support structure and technical support processes allow us to provide the most professional and reliable level of IT service to businesses of all sizes and industries.